Welcome to WINGS Arenas

Welcome to
WINGS Arenas

A part of the WINGS Group of Companies, WINGS Arenas is an assortment of premium conference rooms, business suites, convention halls, and sports centres, specifically designed to suit your every need.

Drop by and see our ready-to-use spaces tailored for your every need. Be it a conference room, convention hall, business suite, or a sports centre, WINGS Arenas has the solution for you!


The WINGS Group of Companies has established itself as a trusted and reputable organisation, with years of dedication and hard work. Among many others, this accreditation shows our commitment to providing high quality and consistent service to our clients and our ongoing investment in technology, development, and management.


WINGS spans across 29 states in India and 8 other countries globally, with offices in the USA, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, and the UK.

36 Years of
Industry Experience

With ten years of partnership and 26 years as WINGS, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in providing marketing, sales, events, and operational solutions to market leaders around the globe.

WINGS Arenas is a part of the WINGS Group of Companies which is a conglomerate of 9 divisions:

  • WINGS Brand Activations
  • WINGS Salesforce
  • WINGS Bizpro
  • WINGS Infrastructure
  • WINGS Events
  • WINGS Facility Management
  • WINGS Digital
  • WINGS Dream Homes
  • WINGS School of Music